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Keep Mice out of Your Home

Your home is your castle, your safe spot, and the place you come to escape all the madness and chaos of the outside. When the outside comes inside, you have a problem. If you have mice in your home, you understand this first hand. Find some relief in the fact that you can eliminate this issue and prevent an infestation in the future with the right steps.

Seal up Your Home

Mice are different than many other small animals in that their body's structure allows them to fit in a space that is significantly smaller than their body. While mice do have back bones, they are much more flexible than humans' spines, meaning they can somewhat flatten themselves out to fit into a small area.

For this reason, even the smallest of an opening is enough for a mouse to enter your home. Once you realize you have a problem, take the time to walk around your home looking for cracks around the doors and windows and have them sealed to prevent the pests from entering.

Contain Pet Food

With your busy schedule, it's probably much easier to leave out your pet's food and water so they have access to it when you're not around. Mice enjoy the same food your dog or cat does, and leaving the food out could attract them to the area. Once they've emptied the bowl, they will only come back for more, likely with a few extra friends.

Stick to a structured feeding schedule where you only put food in the container when it's feeding time. If you can't, at least invest in an automated feeder that will only output a small amount of food at a time.

Move the Trash

If it's cold outside, some mice might come inside just looking for someplace to keep warm. However, the majority of them are coming inside to eat. If you have a buffet inside your home, they are coming to enjoy the feast. Always make sure you are taking any waste outside. For instance, don't store your trash bags in the laundry room until it's your trash day.

You also don't want to store your waste containers too close to your home or in the garage. Mice are attracted to the scent in the bins and, the closer the bins are to your home, the more likely mice are to venture inside your home. You also want to ensure you are always keeping the lid of your waste bin closed to minimize the scent.

A professional pest control specialist can help you eliminate a mice infestation in your home. However, you must do your part. Make sure you are doing all you can to rid the mice you have and prevent new ones from entering the house.